use excel software check uploaded excel list sms text & sender-id
1. Use your Excel contact list 2. Check the uploaded Excel list 3. Key in SMS text & sender-id.
see screen shot see screen shot see screen shot

bulk sender-id sms broadcast in 3 clicks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the bulk sms broadcast excel software / service? What are the payment terms?
A. No setup fees and no any other fees except per sms broadcast. No need to sign contracts. We send out invoices to you at the end of the month according to the number of sms sent. No payment/invoice required if no sms is sent on a particular month. See pricing.
Q. Do my customers see my brand name as sms sender-id?
A. Yes. You can choose to use your brand as the sms sender-id or a sim card number as the sender-id.
Q. I am not very good with computers...
A. We provide managed-sms-services to our clients at no extra charge. In this mode, you just need to email your customer list to us for bulk sms broadcast. After that, you can either login to our website for live reports or let us email you the sms blasting status and sms reply reports.
Q. Do I have to change the columns in my excel file to match your system?
A. No need. You can use your customer excel file as it is and bulk sms broadcast directly from Excel.
Q. I want to use my Apple computer...
A. No Problem. Just copy (from cells) and paste.
Q) I don’t have Excel; I’m using Open Office...
A) No Problem. Just copy and paste.
Q. My customer list is not stored in Excel...
A. We accept all kind of text file formats; comma-delimited, tab-delimited, anything-delimited.
Q. I want to use my iPhone / iPad / Samsung S3.
A. replyx supports mobile devices that have internet capabilities such as the iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Nokia Lumia.
Q. I am currently using a POS/CRM software and I want to send out sms from it...
A. We offer web-service-integration services to our clients at no extra charge. In this mode, you can send out sms/email from your POS/CRM screen because it connects to our servers in the background.
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