for aircon servicing | for facilities management | for courier services
Description how much ?
one time fee (60% cash payout under IRAS PIC) $10,000
monthly charges (6 users) $200
each extra user license $20
sms notification $0.05
email notification $0.01
All the required features to run typical for aircon servicing | for facilities management | for courier services operations.
It's not about the full list of features, our clients choose us because of the accuracy in modelling their operations. For this, contact us for a sales demonstration.
for 'anything'
We can create customized web applications “from the ground up” to model your business operations. The usual one-time fee ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the complexity and whether the said web application can be re-tuned into a new “for something” product.

Example 1
for courier services”, the first set of requirements from TA-Q-BIN would cost 60 programming days (~$30,000). Knowing that we could re-tune this to a usable service for other players in the industry, we quoted $5,000 for the one-time fee.

Example 2
"ASCO Valve (Emerson Industrial Automation)”, a not very complicated system to manage quotations in S.E.A region costs $12,000. We charged the standard programmers' market rate because their specific operations is not suitable to be re-tuned.

Example 3
Building & Construction case study, some of our past projects are huge ones.
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