The non-disclosure agreement & our guarantee

replyx does not sell, trade or disclose your mobile database to external parties. Our strict adherence to the non-disclosure agreement is guaranteed; it is proven to our clients by the seeding method.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

We insist on signing the NDA with our clients upon confirmation of a sale and have been adhering strictly to it in our many years as a sms reseller.
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The seeding method

Marketing professionals have been using “seeds” during bulk sms/email broadcast so that colleagues and stakeholders receive the same sms/email as customers.

We recommend our clients to plant “private seeds” into their customer list as a guarantee that we conform to the NDA.

1. Buy a new pre-paid SIM card and do not use it
2. Plant this SIM card mobile number into their customer list
3. Or use these SIM card mobile numbers to enter into their own lucky draw (or sms voting) contest
4. Check this SIM card periodically to confirm there is no promotional sms from other sources
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