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1. excel toolbar


A. Use Excel’s standard filtering tool to group your recipients
B. Click on the "sms" icon in Excel to load recipient names, mobile numbers & associated fields


Operating System:

Microsoft Excel Version:

One time settings - worksheet columns

A. Fill in the column values accordingly
E.g. Name = column A, Mobile = column B & other personalised fields = columns E, F, I
B. Optionally, fill in Date[&Time] values for smart scheduler
I) Exact date/time will be used: - for appointment reminders
II) The year value will be replaced by current year: - for yearly based dates such as birthdays and yearly membership renewal
III) The year/month value will be replaced by current year/month: - for monthly reminders such as "monthly-installment-payment" date

One time settings - server connection

A. Web server url =
B. Website directory = /2.0
C. Website port = 80
D. Use secured login with https / ssl
E. Fill in your login-id and pasword accordingly

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